05.12.2014 IQ vs. Stephanie Morillo

Teamed up with long-time IQ-collaborator Stepanie Morillo on a couple of tunes for her upcoming ‘Motions’ EP.

‘You weren’t Love’ was an interesting process, Steph sent me the lyrics and I wrote something blind. It turns out she had a melody already in mind which fit with the initial idea – thought transference. A few months and many bounces later, the tune was done – heartbreak, analogue synths, spring reverb and fat drums. If you like your pop music dark and cinematic, have a gander of the video here.

‘Motions’ is out on the 9th of december.



White lies for ears and eyes

It began with a Casio CTK-750, the unquantised techno and electronica making the jump to a Playstation® running Music a few years later. With the PS1, I started sampling crap synths, acoustic guitar and posting tracks on-line. People thought I was a band, and with the PS1 corrupting all the songs, 'Implosion Quintet' seemed suitable. IQ morphed into the ADHD 'genre-slam' material that centred on breaking through all stylistic barriers. In 2014 I started 'Oddhoody', a full-circle return to the hip hop, dub and electro I began with. OH takes iMaschine sketches (often written on the Oslo underground) and pulls them into a decayed aesthetic. Fat, urban electronics with a hefty nod to the giant dub sound-systems of yore.