25.10.2016 New EP – The Deep

Early next year, feldgling electronica label Electronic Tapes will release an EP of my Oddhoody output called ‘The Deep’.

This EP features 4 tracks with a shared sonar theme, music taking inspiration from the almost-infinite depths of the oceans. Merging electro with dub and hiphop, it takes the aesthetic from the Oslo Subterranica series, cleans it up and sends it downwards into the depths to pulse amongst the jellyfish… Can’t wait to see it on tape – literally!

There are also loose plans to release my Oddhoody debut album ‘Dreadcore’ on the same imprint – more news if and when.



White lies for ears and eyes

It began with a Casio CTK-750, the unquantised techno and electronica making the jump to a Playstation® running Music a few years later. With the PS1, I started sampling crap synths, acoustic guitar and posting tracks on-line. People thought I was a band, and with the PS1 corrupting all the songs, 'Implosion Quintet' seemed suitable. IQ morphed into the ADHD 'genre-slam' material that centred on breaking through all stylistic barriers.

Since 2014, I've focussed on more electronic output as Oddhoody and Dreadcore, a full-circle return to the hip hop, drum n bass and electronica I began with. Future releases will likely remain in these spheres.