31.03.2015 Oddhoody Volume 02 released

Hoopla and indeed yes – Oddhoody Volume 02 is upon us. Had been hoping to get the second instalment of the Oddhoody triptych finished before my son was born, but the little bugger was two weeks early. Even so, mere biology is no hinderance for a musical samurai such as I, so it only took a nudge to get it done.

Get it for precisely the amount you think it’s worth here – gander it presently, if you please.

Fortuitously, the previous instalment Volume 01 can also be found here.




White lies for ears and eyes

It began with a Casio CTK-750, the unquantised techno and electronica making the jump to a Playstation® running Music a few years later. With the PS1, I started sampling crap synths, acoustic guitar and posting tracks on-line. People thought I was a band, and with the PS1 corrupting all the songs, 'Implosion Quintet' seemed suitable. IQ morphed into the ADHD 'genre-slam' material that centred on breaking through all stylistic barriers.

Since 2014, I've focussed on more electronic output as Oddhoody and Dreadcore, a full-circle return to the hip hop, drum n bass and electronica I began with. Future releases will likely remain in these spheres.